Wednesday, November 24, 2021

My Top 5 Sixth Ranger Zords


I already counted down my favorite rangers of each color, now it is time to do the same thing with their zords. The 6th Rangers get their own separate list because their zords are supposed to stand out from the core rangers so it is unfair to put them in the same lists as their corresponding colors. So, let's begin with my favorite Zords that are under the control of rangers meant to standout.

Disclaimer, this is purely my opinion. 

5. Tigerzord - MMPR Season 2

Tommy control many Zords during his 5 different Ranger incarnations, this was his second, the White Tiger Thunder Zord. It roared like a tiger in its animal form and fought with a sword in its Warrior Mode. This was the first 6th ranger Zord to have its own independent Megazord-like form. While the stock footage was a little awkward at times, it was still a very fun Zord to watch do battle and was part of the second step in cementing Tommy as the Legendary Ranger he is known as.


4. Torozord - Lost Galaxy

The Magna Defenders trusted bull and a beast whose path you do not want to get in the way of. Torozord combined with the Zord-form Magna Defender and fought with a double ended sword with tornado like attacks. It was cool to see a Zord/Ranger combination that was not strictly "good" or "evil" for the first time but was still destroying the monsters of the week. This Zord got extra points simply for being part of the Magna Defenders' story arc. While there are "evil ranger" zords that turned good, this is the only one I would call neutral turned good. Looks cool to boot.

3. Max Solarzord - Lightspeed Rescue

A bullet train turned spaceship turned miniature fighting robot. This is a strange case of a Zord getting more screen time than its' ranger owner, the Titanium Ranger. (Due to stock footage reasons. In Super Sentai this was a pilotless mecha as the Titanium Ranger is a Power Rangers exclusive.) What made this Zord stand out and be a blast to watch was its speed. It would instantly transform and do fancy twirling kicks. There has not been any Zord like this one since. Sadly, its solo fighting appearances were cut short in order to just be used as an upgrade for the base Megazord, it left an impact that I will never forget.

2. Quantasaurus Rex (Q-Rex) - Timeforce

The most powerful Megazord ever created by Timeforce. One of the few 6th Zords that never combined with any other Zord, never needed too. Quantum Ranger controlled this dinosaur with pure voice commands and was a power house in both dinosaur and Megazord mode. Animal themed Zords have always been a specialty for both Power Rangers and Super Sentai, especially Dinosaurs, and this was no exception. It is the Zord a lot of kids wished they could control with just a wrist morpher. I especially like the design of this Zord in its Dinosaur mode as it almost feels like there is personality; a clumsy yet strong giant pet.

1. Dragonzord - MMPR Season 1 - 2

There is just no topping Tommy's original Zord and the original 6th Ranger/Dragonzord. The design is super cool based on Mecha-Godzilla, and was powerful to boot. It roared, had finger missiles, the drill tail is iconic, and even the way it was summoned was cool. Tommy's Dragon Dagger was also a flute that played a catchy tune to summon Dragonzord from the sea. Granted, the tune sounded nothing like a flute, but that didn't matter because it still got stuck in your head. I don't think any Zord will ever have an impact as big as this one did, even without the nostalgia of it being one of the originals.

Those were my picks for the top 5 Sixth Ranger Zords. These were not easy choices because the standout Zords are almost always the best of the season. If you disagree or want to discuss this list, you can leave a comment here or join our Discord serve. Till next time, peace out.

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