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Mirai Sentai Timeranger Case File 21: Sion Style - Summary/Review


Let's keep the ball rolling with the coverage of this season of the century. Click "read more" for my article on this episode featuring the green ranger.

This is a Sion spotlight episode obviously. Our story begins with Sion buying a popular new spirit lifting drink called Power Spritty made by the Nakata Drink Company that is supposed to be a mood lifter. However, Yuri, Domon, and Ayase recognize the taste and instantly realize that the Londerz family is behind this drink. So, the Timerangers go to investigate Nakata and find that Dolnero himself is behind this drink in human form along with the monster of the week, Hydrid a former bodyguard for mafia bosses. A quick battle breaks out which ends in defeat for the Timerangers from Hydrid's lightning fast katana slashes. 
This is more proper paced. Good on you season.

All 5 rangers are knocked out of morph and then sprayed with the "base solution of Power Spritty" which turns all of them dizzy and dumb; except Sion who is immune since he is not human. So? The situation is bad so the Rangers flee. 
Back at their office, Tac explains that the base solution of this drink is a type of Neo-Alcohol from the 30th century that has much stronger mental effects. It makes even less sense that Sion is unaffected. Now, everyone except Sion is too drunk to be a ranger and Dolnero is holding the Drink Company hostage. Tac wants to wait out the drunkness as both him and the villains have no confidence in Sion solo, but he wants to prove himself.

Human Dolnero

Sion begins building a new weapon while the other 4 have several drunk scenes. Now, he faces Hydrid alone in the drink factory for round 2. This new gun shoots flying bladed disk, but Hydrid is able to slice them out of the air. This stunt resulted in a embarrassing loss for Sion and he retreats but does not give up. 

Round 3, this time Sion does well. He tricks Hydrid with a wind-up bear toy that sprays a gas that causes the base solution to explode. It somehow made contact through a glass container. In a one on one duel, Sion managed to win my modifying his suit to temporarily increase his speed with a new mode Accel Stop which he was able to develop thanks to the flying disks from his gun earlier analyzing Hydrid. Now, an attempted freeze compression fails due to the other rangers being too hungover to form the bazooka leads to the giant battle.

With 4 rangers too hungover to pilot, the pilotless Time Shadow does most of the fighting until it is time for the finishing blow. Last episode, Time Shadow fused with Time Robo Beta (blue) and now it is time to show off the Alpha combination. (Red). (This happens, after Hydrid was outmatched by Time Shadow making it a bit excessive.) Shadow Alpha shoots webs out of its cannons and freeze compresses Hydrid while the 4 hungover rangers throw up in their suits.

Episode ends back at the Timerangers office. Everyone has sobered up, are now cleaning up their messes while praising Sion. He reveals that everyone can do Accel Stop now and that he took a picture of everyone drunk. The End!

Final Thoughts:

This episode was okay, but had some problems. First off, I will give it credit for being somewhat creative. I have seen episodes where the supposed weakest ranger had to go solo, but never because the villains got the rest of the team drunk. Action was pretty good too minus the giant battle. However, 2 plot holes stand out too me. First off, why does Sion being an alien make him immune to intoxication? He is still a humanoid organism and reacts the normal to all other Earth food and drinks. Second, how did his gas cause a reaction with solution that was incased in glass? But, even ignoring those, what really hurt this episode was Sion's acting, it was not good. It is impossible to know if this was a casting or directing issue, but the entire episode he was just calm and almost emotionless; even when saying things like "I hate myself" or vowing to capture Hydrid even on his own. Granted, Sion was meant to be the the socially awkward shy but smart type, but he is coming off more of as a drone. Anyway, as a whole, this episode is passable. 3/5

  • Good action
  • Sion proves his value to the team
  • Dolnero actually acting like a mafia boss
  • Amusing Drunk scenes
  • Plot holes
  • Poor acting
  • Strong monster defeated too easily

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