Thursday, June 13, 2024

Warner Bros Left Red-Faced as "The Day The Earth Blew Up" Proves Hit At Annacey Festival


Warner Bros. has been left red-faced as the first ever fully animated Looney Tunes movie, "The Day The Earth Blew Up" had a successful reception at Annacey Film Festival, where it premiered on June 11 2024. The movie is directed by Uncle Grandpa creator Peter Browngardt. So this already sounds wild. Originally, Warner Bros did not want to release the movie, but shopped it around to other studios. It took about 10 months and GMF Animation purchased it back in 2023. The movie is planned to be released in cinemas later this year.

Unfortunately, another Looney Tunes movie,  Coyote vs Acme, a live action and animated hybrid remains uncertain. It was supposed to be released back in July 2023 but was replaced by Barbie. Barbie proved to be a huge international success. Sadly, Warner Bros decided to take Coyote vs Acme off the shelf last year it doesn't seem they know what to do with it despite the movie being completed and one of the most in-demand and freely promoted new film of 2024.

According to reports from Annacey festival, The Day The Earth Blew Up premiered to "Boisterious laughter" says The Hollywood Reporter. This proves that there is still a hugely profitable audience for the Looney Tunes, and hopefully if The Day The Earth Blew Up proves to be a success, the Coyote Vs Acme movie can come out of the vaults and get released to the public afterwards.

It took about 10 months for a studio to purchase "The Day The Earth Blew Up" so we may be in the long haul for Coyote Vs Acme. Hopefully someone notices it and comes along and buys it as GMF Animation seem to be doing a much better job than Warner Bros themselves for releasing a Looney Tunes movie.

Warner Bros has been under a lot of criticism from the film industry and audience after David Zaslav, Warner CEO has been cancelling near completed or finished films and shelving them for tax write offs. 2022'S Batgirl, and Scoob 2 - Holiday Haunt were cancelled just before completion and people have been fighting to save Coyote Vs Acme from the same fate.

The plot for this new Looney Tunes movie, The Day The Earth Blew Up, sounds just as insane. 

Due to a series of antics at the Bubblegum factory, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig discover a secret alien plot to take over the world via Mind Control, the duo must work together to stop the aliens, while trying to avoid driving each other insane.

No news yet of a theatrical release but after a successful premiere at Annacey 2024, it may not be too long. Meanwhile, test screenings for Coyote vs Acme have been proven to be quite successful and the film is still open to acquisition, according to a Warner Bros spokesperson. 

Looney Tunes "The Day The Earth Blew Up" is stated for release sometime in late 2024. Enjoy a clip from the film below. 

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