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Cameron's Playhouse Returns In 2024 For 9th Season



Long running TV Series, Cameron's Playhouse returns in 2024 with a brand new 9th Season of the show, confirms creator Cameron Hons. Production began during April, back when a new special episode "The April Fool's Day Special" was released for the standalone Holiday-themed package "The Cameron's Playhouse Holiday Specials", which not only featured a exclusive new episode, but 4 other previously released holiday themed specials from the show's history from 2008-  2024. These episodes had never been released on a standalone set until now. It was then, that he decided to start working on the new season.

 "Someone I used to know got back in touch with me and showed me he made a parody show of Cameron's Playhouse that I really enjoyed. I said "Hey, let's use this in the new show and people would freak out that Cameron's Playhouse is being hosted by someone else other than me." So we got all these ideas down, some they actually used, and filmed 'Episode 2.', a fully completed new episode which was about 15 - 20 minutes. One day they got in touch with me and wanted to show me this thing urgently. They played it for me and I watched it, with some of the ideas we had, and I really enjoyed it. When I asked can we use these episodes for the new season, they said no, because they didn't like these episodes. That made me furious. "They pulled a full on 'David Zaslav' on me. Why did you waste my time, wanting to talk to me urgently, show me these episodes that were finished and completed, only to say that you don't like them and don't want to be released? And if you didn't like them, why did you complete them? Cameron's Playhouse is a community show for the fans, and if you're not wanting to cooperate I don't want you on my show. You're fired". 

Those guys were actually fired. "I think they're the first people in history to be actually fired from Cameron's Playhouse" Cameron laughs. But it was that moment that Cameron decided to make a new season of the show. "It was there I wanted to actually start a new season, because I thought "I could do probably a much better job than what these guys did and actually release it for people to enjoy." Turns out, Cameron has been having an 'absolute blast' working on the new season without a road block of any negatively objectionable people who refuse to cooperate with his actions. "I'm having a blast with the new show. I feel like we're really ramping it up to movie quality. It reminds me of the effort I put in to the last couple of films in the series." 

There are 10 new episodes of the new show which brings the full amount of episodes up to 95 since the show began back in 2008. There will be guest stars, one features the anticipated return & filming reunion of Cameron's Playhouse veteran Bernie Sharah. "He moved" said Cameron. "We hadn't done any filming for a while but it's great to be back with him again and what we shot would make the old school fans happy." From SOAH City, Cameron's former writing ground to failed Australian Music Festival Pandemonium Rocks, nobody is safe from the new Season of Cameron's Playhouse. "These episodes are some of the best i've ever recorded" said Cameron.

Last time we saw the show was back in April 2023 with Season 8. A season Cameron really enjoyed working on. A year earlier, the movie "Cameron's Playhouse 6 - The Vengeance Of Voodoo Doctor" was released. Showing the series is not ready to slow down just yet."Working on the show sporadically is more fun for me...I had a break for over a year from the last time I did a show and it was great. Normally when we work on the movies we're working on them for an entire year, and it's so nice to have time off from that. I don't see myself doing any more big Cameron's Playhouse movies any time soon. There's bloody 6 of them! But i'm happy to continue the main show for now & the odd one off special."  says Cameron, about the future of the series.

Characters like Dr. Steven Jefferson, PC BOB, The Fool Inspector (who made his debut appearance in 2024's "April Fool's Day Special", Chris Sanders The Gardening Show Host, Ace News Reporter Mike Hunt and more return. The other guests will include Mr. Guest, who had his own episode back in 2023's 8th Season, and Bushman Joe. There are also many surprises in the new season "Some that I can't really talk about right now" says Cameron. 


Cameron's Playhouse Season 9 is expected to release on Bluray and 4K UHD Disc sometime in mid-2024. We are seeing a lot of major film companies discontinue the DVD this year, which Cameron thinks is a big mistake. "With all the problems going on with Streaming these days this will just encourage more piracy." Cameron explains.  Cameron's film production studio, Cameron Hons Studios (which turns 20 in 2025 by the way), has been celebrating and continuing to release Cameron's shows on Physical Media while other distribution companies go bust. Just recently, Cameron released a "Complete Collection" of his classic early 2000's series Sonic Randomness on Bluray for the first time in a 12 disc boxset, as well as a the long awaited new MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK: The Complete YTP Collection Bluray for the first time.


The return of Cameron's Playhouse should be celebrated. "I was hoping to get this to be released by my birthday (June 13), or sometime in mid 2024." Cameron says about the show's planned release. The Bluray set will include a bonus physical disc of an album by "The Elitles" which featured in several sketches on the show. Or, you could just listen to it here

Cameron's Playhouse Season 9 is due for release on Bluray, 4K UHD and will be uploaded to the Internet Archive for digital purposes in mid 2024 .


Cameron's Playhouse - The Complete Ninth Season (Bluray & 4K Cover)


01. Dirt
02. IP Addresses
03. SOAH City
04. Social Media
05. Mr. Guest Returns
06. Pandemonium Rocks
07. Coyote VS Acme
08. Tales From The Cunt
09. Walker In A Big House
10. Bushman Joe's Playhouse

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