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Power Rangers Dino Force Brave King 4: Threat! Space Mercenary! - Summary/Review


Looks like it is time for some Gold Ranger action. I am eager to see how they implement this power and for some classic Ranger vs Rangers action. So, let's not waste time, click "read more" and we shall see how well they pull off this classic event.


Following the theme song and recap, the episode begins with the Rangers doing some sparing matches in the forest. It is business as usual, Jeon is training Lee and Sechang is training Yun while Juyong is saying motivational stuff and takes off for a jog.

Meanwhile, Juhyeok has received payment of a large stack of gold bricks from Neo Deboth and is ready to fight the Rangers. Wasting no time, he flies his Zord to Earth, opens fire on the 4 Rangers still together before appearing to them in person. He introduces himself as a mercenary hired to take them out and morphs.

Maybe a more stealthy approach would have worked better? A bit overconfident.

Everyone is shocked, by waste no time morphing themselves in order to counter; all except Juyong who is still off jogging. The 4 of them attack desperately, but are beaten back by Juhyeok's superior martial arts. They exchange words and the Rangers are disgusted by Juhyeok's "any job for money" mindset. But, there is little they can do as the Gold Ranger finishes them off with his own Brave Finish. 

Four Rangers are down, but Juyong jumps into the battle. He is mad!

Don't be silly. Evil Rangers always get completely forgiven once they change sides.

The Red vs Gold duel begins. They clash swords and even go air born for a short time thanks to some new Power Cell powers, the two are fairly evenly matched. It is when they clash swords and Juhyeok makes a comment that Juyong has a flashback and begins to piece together the identity of the Gold Ranger. 

Back at the Spirit Base, Torin is shocked and angry to learn that the Dino Force Gold Powers are in the villains hands. Minityra hears what is going on, whimpers like a dog, then angerly rushes to Juyong's aid.

Red and Gold continue their duel with Juyong getting in some good hits. Juhyeok attempts to the Lightning Afterglow again when Minityra, now Cannontyra, shows up to protect Juyong. In response to Cannontyra appearing, Juhyeok summons his own Zord, Pteravolt. Now it is a duel between Megazords. 

The two sides just shoot at each other without ever being on screen together before it turns into a hideous CG battle. 

This looks like an unimpressive Gundam video game. Did they only have one stunt man for a Megazord at the time?

The CG fight has a lot of movement, much more than we would normally see with Megazords. Sadly, the cuts back to costumed actors do not blend well at all. Ultimately, the fight ends in a victory for Juhyeok, but he leaves without dealing the finishing blow to the dismay of Neo Deboth. 

The Rangers were saved by the evil Golds greed for more gold.

Back at the Spirit Base, the Rangers are bruised and spirit broken while Torin wonders who the Gold Ranger is. The Rangers consider their next move but know for sure there will be a rematch; ending the episode with Juyong confident they will win next time.

Final Thoughts

This episode was pretty good, but had a lackluster Zord battle. For the most part, this is what I expected from an evil Ranger episode from this season, cutting most of the build up short and being all action. That is generally what this episode was, 90% fighting. It really is just that bad CG combined with how abruptly the Megazord fight ended that left me with a bitter taste. Granted, that may be just the old school costumed battle biased view in me, but I really do feel CG should be left for finishing moves and combinations. Regardless, this was a fun episode as always and worth watching just for the classic evil Ranger arc. 3/5

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