Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cendoo’s tab 2/9/15 (Archive)

This was supposed to be my way of keeping the content of the old website alive. I don't fully remember what my plans were for it but I don't want my old work to be lost in the void of obscurity. Here is the original post;

Tab #1

What is this you ask? Something that needs no promotion. Once a week (hopefully) this will be my short writing blog about what’s happening between me and this website. I do not expect a lot of readers but I have always enjoyed reading about what’s going on behind the scenes on various websites and people I am a fan of, so that is my goal here.

If you do not read this you will NOT fall behind on anything for it is not important information. However, for the few people like myself who enjoys this stuff I shall write about it. (and please excuse my crappy grammar)

I will say this first, I cannot and would not give any Gexup updates. No, this has nothing to do with him or any other member. Although, reading these may give you some tips on what is ahead for the website. So for now, let’s ramble.

Sadly though stress has been a plague among our members for awhile now so content has slowed down. Some have even spoke of leaving, as I’m sure you know. But that does not mean the site will not go on.

Since the move to wordpress over blogger the website has been running smoother and keeping up to date should be easier, but it’s also made me a bit lazy. However, for the most part I have been doing what I need to do, except for one thing. Another new member? Yes, and possibly the last; at least for awhile because I do not want to clutter things up to badly.But regardless, this is someone I have been adding slowly, one video at a time backdated. You could see them if you use the search bar. The reason I have not announced this member yet is because in the past when I announced a member before finishing adding all their content it effected first impressions. Regardless, the one has hundreds of videos, a lot of fans and is a nice person.

Mr. Weenie Productions. I invited him a couple years ago when I first found his channel, back then he was not nearly as popular. However, I did not invite him because of views or potential, he and I have become good friends over time. One thing to know is that I care far more about the community of this website than the view count. People who are members are those we enjoy working with, trust, and have content we want to promote.

To give a random example, when Joe first joined he had less than 100 subs but I knew how seriously he took his work and things have worked out well. Now say (and this will never happen just an example) someone like The Game Chasers, who’ve been jerks to our friends, or Pat Contri who always sasses and talks down to people, would never be welcome. I do not care how popular they are, in fact I enjoy some of their videos, but we could never work with anyone so disrespectful.

Has far as what I have been doing, well I have been almost doing a lot of stuff. I have a new video in editing that is supposed to be both my comeback and launch of a new series of videos that my fans have wanted to see, but it is around 70% done editing. Trying to avoid using any video footage to avoid copyright is proving to be quite the challenge however. The folder containing all the stuff to edit has already past 10,000 items, with more than 90% of them being images. So, all I can say is, this better come out alright lol.

Anywho, that’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully future blogs can have more interesting topics. Till then, take it as you will but that is my tabs!

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