Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cendoo’s Tab: 2/18/2015 How Its Tail Time began (Archive)

This is the second of my short lived Tab's written series. I regret not having the willpower to continue it but I wanted to at least keep it archived in case I make a return to it. Here is the original posting.

Tab #2

Not much to say for this week, however I do not want to fall out of the loop with these after only one post. I could repeat myself and say how things are progressing but I think the one interesting topic at the moment would be the anniversary.Yup, it’s really been 3 years so let me tell you the tale.

I may as well take this week to talk about the origin of There has been a bit of confusion as to whether Gexup or myself is the one responsible for the creation of this website. Well, like most things, the truth is not so simple.

At the beginning, our concern was simply having a place to find all the past episodes of the Boochow Radio Podcast around the time when Gexup was having issue’s with and podomatic. At the time, I recommended and a blog to post them on. Gexup then told me about always kinda wanted to start a website called and after more small talk I ended up reserving the domain. Unfortunately, Gexup’s busy schedule along with the massive timezone difference, we did not have much time to talk about it. As a result, for months the domain simply led to one of those “under construction” pages.

After awhile, we finally did manage to speak about it. This was when I learned of Gexup’s original plan to retire youtube after his graduation. Naturally, this clashed with our original plans for the website, however this is when I decided to take over as editor and make it sort of in his honor, (as you may remember him saying in some episodes of boochow), and good old Gexup insisted I share the spotlight with my content. So, I ended up registering a site with blogger since my friends at,, and had been using it. Thus began my self training towards being a blogger. (the shift to wordpress years later is a story for another time)

I won’t go into the boring story of all my trial and error to figure out what the heck I was doing but eventually I grasped a feel for editing. Once I managed to create a website with his and my content he was very impressed and joined in on the big project. Past boochow episodes had him explaining how he helped a lot with the design as well as taking a big hand in promotion. He was also very quick to invite his friends and some of his favorite youtubers at the time Zookstar and Hannu,

From there on out, the fans joined in and our community grew and we all the story from there.

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