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Fan Webseries Sonic Randomness Heading To Bluray For The First Time



If you used Youtube back in the early 2000's before Google took over, chances are you would have probably remembered Cameron Hons and his bizarre Sonic the Hedgehog fan series Sonic Randomness. Youtube first started in 2005 and Cameron jumped on board in 2006, less than a year later. He began making the show Sonic Randomness, a fan made show based on the Sonic The Hedgehog video game series. Season 1 , 2 and 3 were uploaded to Youtube in late 2006 and early 2007. However, a dramatic change on Cameron's Youtube account would mean that he would end up making the show straight to DVD after he decided to become a YTPer known as MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK.

The Sonic Randomness DVDs were released independently throughout the course of the show's original run, which ended up being a decade (2006 - 2016). It came back in 2022 for a 11th season. Cameron had a lot of fun recording the show again, and finally decided to start working on a brand new Bluray release, featuring whatever Sonic Randomness seasons, unreleased bits, and extras he could find to put across a huge Bluray boxset... but that isn't all, Cameron has remastered every episode from each season in 1080p HD 60 FPS and 16:9 widescreen! Plus, Sonic Randomness has never been released on Bluray before -until now!

Viewers of the show's original run will remember the famous catchphrase "OH MY GOD! TAILS IS DEAD!" 

Before Cameron's Playhouse, there was Sonic Randomness. Cameron's first full length webseries.  Cameron first began making Sonic Randomness in mid-2006. "Think it was around August" says Cameron. "I wanted to do a show with these Sonic toys I had where Sonic & his friends were retarded and stupid. In each episode there would be repetitive jokes, toilet humor and fart sounds. The show was inspired by real life TV shows such as South Park & Ren & Stimpy." 
The first and second season was released back to back on Youtube and fans really enjoyed the stupidity of the absurd new show. So much that a feature film was made in December 2006. It spawned 2 sequels, "Eggman's Vengeance" in 2007 and "The End" in 2008, but a new film "A New Beginning" was made in 2016 to celebrate the show's 10th Anniversary.  "The films are just as wacky as the show, but were a lot of fun too." says Cameron. "They're not included in this Bluray boxset, but I am planning to release the movies on their own individual Bluray sets soon."

This Bluray Collection, spanning across two cases, is a treat for Cameron Hons' fans of the classic early 2000's era of nonsense. Each set contains 6 discs, and 12 discs in total. Featuring Season 1 - 11, and a exclusive disc of Extras featuring the previously lost special films, "Sonic's Amazing Adventure" (a parody of the 2009 Sega game Sonic & The Black Knight", and "Sonic Fever", released in 2010, a parody of the movie "Cabin Fever"). The extras disc also contains two newly filmed specials, exclusively for the set - the "Sonic Frontiers Special" and "Sonic Superstars Special".
Cameron also adds "I'm very proud of the show and finally after a long time it gets the proper Bluray release it deserves. It will make my oldskool fans very happy, guaranteed!"

Check out the contents of the Bluray boxset below!

Sonic Randomness: The Complete Seasons Boxset

Set 1 - 
Season 1 (2006)
Season 2 (2006)
Season 3 (2007)
Season 4 (2007)
Season 5 (2008)
Season 6 (2008)
Set 2 - 

Season 7 (2009)
Season 8 (2010)
Season 9 (2013)
Season 10 (2016)
Season 11 (2022)
"Sonic's Amazing Adventure" - 70 Minutes
"Sonic Fever" - 60 Minutes
 "Sonic Frontiers Special" - 30 Minutes
"Sonic Superstars Special" - 15 Minutes
 Deleted Episodes
The Original Pilot 
Original DVD Bonus Features Restored
 Interviews from the era with Cameron Hons
You can get a copy of the Bluray on a first come, first serve basis on Cameron's Official Merch Store!

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