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Mighty Morphin Power Ranger - Top 5 Unanswered Questions


MMPR is beloved despite all its plot holes. However, even ignoring retcons or redundant abilities, there are still some things that are just straight up un-answered. While almost every fan has their own questions for Zordon, I am going to list 5 unanswered questions that stick out most to me. Note, I already know all about stock footage and Super Sentai. Click "read more".

Note I will be sticking with the 3 Seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers only. Other seasons will be saved for later.

5. Why is there no Pink Shogun Zord?

The Shogun Zords had a bazaar introduction to begin with. They were lost Zords that Lord Zedd just randomly found on a planet called Zordina and tried to blackmail the Rangers into piloting them for him in exchange for the release of a captured Kimberly instead of just using his own henchmen to pilot them. Not so shockingly, the Rangers double-cross him and claim the Shogun Zords for themselves.

Even ignoring everything wrong with that story, the fact that there is no Pink Shogun Zord and the Pink Ranger ends up having to share with the White one is never addressed. This is due to the Kakurangers not having a Pink Ranger and, unlike the Crane, the White Shogun Zord could not pass for Pink. Also, just to add confusion, whenever the Ultrazord is formed with the Shogun Megazord it uses the American toys which changed the White Shogun Zord to pink.

It was not an easy situation for the writers to be in. The only explanations I could think of is give a backstory where the Pink Shogun Zord is destroyed, make the White Shogun a combination of the Pink Crane and White Falcon powers, or maybe have Zord Ledd's crew have built them instead of finding them since they were expecting Pink to be out of action.

4. The Thunder Zords

Starting in season 2, the Zord battles began using footage from the Diaranger's Chi-Beasts instead of the Zyuranger's Guardian Beasts. However, there introduction was a little confusing.

They are introduced as upgraded Zord forms in order to answer the increased threat of Lord Zedd over Rita. A good reason to need a new more powerful arsenal, but there where did they come from? The way Zordon introduced them, it very much sounded like he already knew of them and had them, so why did he not use them from the start if they were more powerful?

Also, if they are an upgrade from the Dinozords, why did the White Tiger lose to the Dragonzord and the Thunder Megazord have trouble when the original Dino Megazord could easily defeat Dragonzord?

Maybe if instead of an upgrade to the Dino Zords that already existed they were introduced as a modified version of them immune to Lord Zedd's possession magic. Or, be created/discovered after the Dino Zords lose. The fact that they started using them while stock footage of the Dino Zords was still being used did not help either.

3. Why do the new Ninja Powers have the same Ranger Suits?

Ninjor, the creator of the Power Coins, the 7th member of the team, and the one who gave the Rangers new powers after there existing ones got destroyed at the start of Season 3. But, if these are new powers that are from the Ninja and no longer the Dinosaur, why do the Rangers still have dinosaur themed suits? With the the Thunderzords this was okay because they were Zord upgrades that did not change or take away there existing powers, but why this time?

Sure they all got new ninja suits that serve as a pointless in-between of there base forms and Ranger forms, but those don't explain anything. The White Rangers suit is especially odd because that one was a new Ranger built by Zordon and Alpha partway through Season 2 and was not even tied to the original Dino power. Obviously the Green Ranger was not going to come back because Kakurangers did not have any green. I suppose it could be viewed as them getting a new power source for there existing morphers rather than new powers all together. Still felt weird though.

2. What is the Sword of Power?

I'm actually okay with one-off characters or weapons. But they cannot be treated like they were always there.

If you watch the season 2 episode The Green Dream, you will think you missed an episode. The plot involves Lord Zedd brainwashing Tommy in an attempt to gain the Sword of Power. While under the spell, Tommy suggests to the Rangers that the Sword of Power can be used in order to help his limited powers to which they agree and summon the sword. But, this sword was never mentioned before or after this episode and there is no explanation as to where it came from or why the Rangers even know about it. This one cannot even be blamed on Stock footage because A it uses Zyu2 footage which was made specifically for Power Rangers, and B there is not that much Ranger footage where the sword is present and it would have been very easy to write an excuse for Tommy to be fighting a monster over the sword. How about they learn of the sword and go to get it in hopes it can help Tommy's powers? 

The sword appeared, and was put into storage never to be used again. Shockingly, still a good episode, check it out.

1. Why was the Dragonzord Never Recovered?

The Thunderzords eventually got destroyed which including the 5 original Dinozords by extension. The Ninja and Shogun zords went missing after the Mighty Morphin Powers were lost, but the return of the Falcon Zord in Dimensions in Danger implies they are still usable to anyone with the original Ninja Powers. 

However, the Dragonzord is apparently still resting at the bottom of Angel Grove Bay to this day. It's powers were weakening along with the Green Ranger and was lost with the Green Rangers powers. However, when a clone of Tommy is given the Green Ranger power he is able to summon the Dragonzord and even oppose the supposedly stronger Thunderzords with it. By the end of that arc, the Dragonzord is returned to the sea still intact. After 30 years, the Dragonzord is still inactive at the bottom of the Bay with no attempts to recover it or any regular humans noticing it.

Why has nobody every attempted to do anything with it? In-universe it does not make scene because it was a powerful Zord that could be controlled remotely and could work underwater. Out of universe makes even less scenes because it was one of if not the most popular Zord in Power Rangers history. Talk about a waste. At least this beauty got some love in the comics.

Those were my 5 unanswered questions of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Maybe I will do the same with the later seasons. Until then, thank you for reason and leave a comment about some of your unanswered questions. 

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