Monday, June 26, 2023

Sonic Frontiers' New Spin Dash Unlock Requirements Are Stupid


Sonic's iconic move, the spin dash is finally now available to unlock in Sonic Frontiers. But there's a catch.

Nobody told me how to unlock the spin dash. The game didn't tell me how to unlock the spin dash. I had to find out how to do it on the internet. And while i've complained about some of the tedious challenges in Sonic Frontiers previously, this one is the worst yet quite possibly.

To unlock the spin dash in Sonic Frontiers you must get an S rank in every stage in the challenge area. This is a tedious task especially for people like me who aren't that great at speedrunning and enjoy more of a casual experience. Which begs me to ask this question,

Why do you even need to unlock the spin dash in the first place?

The spin dash is a move that has never needed to be unlocked in a Sonic game before. It is such a simple yet unnecessary way to unlock it. Why does something so common need to be unlocked in such a tedious way?

Not everyone is great at speedrunning but this task is just insane as it sounds, and I for one think that it is stupid. Things don't need to be this difficult for a Sonic game. Why couldn't the developers just program the spin dash in for the main update itself?

In our review I gave Sonic Frontiers a 6/10, while I thought it was the breath of fresh air that Sonic needed, and understood the open zone areas and Cyberspace stages, lost a lot of points for the game's confusing and not very interesting plot and direction which could have been better without.

It makes no sense for this game to lock the spin dash move behind a requirement like this, considering that Sonic has a skill tree in this game and would have been much better and made more sense if that was the case on how to unlock the spin dash in the first place. 

But it's not overall a terrible game, without it's issues it still is a moderately fun experience. Hopefully Sonic Team decide to add the spin dash to Sonic's moveset within an easier way if they continue to listen to fan's feedback.

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