Saturday, January 1, 2000

Easter Egg #1 - Kaiser Sensei's Introduction to his Clueless Kamen Rider Reviews.

If you are reading this, congratulations! You were brave enough to click that suspicious looking link in the first Kamen Rider Black review (or that you found this by going to the last page of the website)! Yes, this is the self-rejected Kamen Rider Black introduction article.  I chose not to release this as the first official article due to two reasons: 1. I wrote a better version of this article in the review of the first episode.  2.  I just plain hated this article, it is so hacky and cheesy to the point where it hurts to look at it!...  NOW CUE THE EASTER EGG JINGLE!

Hi! I'm James T. Kaiser and I'm  blindly diving into the depths of that bug eyed, motorbike riding super hero called Kamen Rider.  Okay, enough of the hack writer introduction and on to this beautiful article... Who am I kidding?  This article is going to be hack as heck.  What this article's  about is more about what to expect from this series.  Yes, first thing's first, I have never seen any episode of Kamen Rider, nor am I all that familiar with the series.  So if you're expecting an all out super detailed series about me telling everything you don't know about the series... You'll be disappointed.

This series is going to be is an episode to episode review series of certain Kamen Rider series but written though the eyes of someone experiencing these episodes though virgin eyes.  Yup, what you get is a journey full of naked and pure un-biased views, comparable to that of seeing your favourite shows popping up on TV for the first time.  If I miss any details and happen to love or hate things that experienced Kamen Rider viewers notice, your anger will be understood but I won't feel sorry for my feelings.

I know! It's quite daring reviewing a show by episode to episode on a series that I have no experience with... Okay, "no experience" is a bit of a lie as I was a fan of Masked Rider back in the day (don't laugh).  Plus it's a superhero show in the same vein as Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, and Batman: The Animated Series, where you have a bad guy of the week kind of deal.  It's a concept that's so simple that even I can review it!

Enough of my self-defecating and excuses! I'm very excited to watch this series and discover what makes this franchise loved by so many people and all while documenting and reviewing my growth and thoughts towards it...  Plus my boss, Big Green/Green Diamond wanted some Kamen Rider content for the site and I was the poor schmuck that got picked to do it.

P.S. The pun in the title was fully intended.

P.P.S. If you got the pun that is.

P.P.P.S. The pun is with the "Kaiser Sensei's Introduction to" part as it refers to both introducing the reader to the review series and refers to me being introduced to the Kamen Rider series.

P.P.P.P.S.  Yeah, you don't care!  This article is hack enough for you already.

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