Monday, May 13, 2024

Deep Purple announce new album, =1 - Out in July 2024


English rockers Deep Purple have announced their latest triumphant album of new musical effort, entitled "=1", featuring new guitarist Simon McBride, after he replaced longtime member Steve Morse in 2022 due to him having to bow out of the band to take care for his ill wife with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer. 

Simon has fitted into the Deep Purple camp quickly and very well. Simon has toured with Ian Gillan & Don Airey before, through Don Airey's solo projects, and was also the guitarist on the multi-live trilogy Bluray, CD and Vinyl "Contractual Obligations featuring Ian Gillan back in 2019. 


                                                  Album cover reveal for the new album "=1".


The warm up tour for the new album has already began. After an upsetting exit from what would have been the first Pandemonium Festival, a new Australian music festival plagued with many issues, (the band vowed to return to the country soon), skipped Australia and went to Singapore for the annual Singapore Rockfest. There, they also performed their new song "Portable Door" live for the first time.

Official music video to the new Purple track "Portable Door"

A new song , "Portable Door" has already been shared online via their official Youtube channel. The song has a great "Pictures Of Home" vibe from 1972's Machine Head, but with a twist of new guitarist Simon McBride's pump and swagger fills the track nicely. Yes, i'm sad that Deep Purple did not perform in Australia this year, but I do hope they come back when the "=1" tour kicks off properly, so they can play more new songs for us.

You can also check out the tracklist below:

Deep Purple =1

Release July 14 2024 

01 Show Me
02 A Bit On The Side
03 Sharp Shooter
04 Portable Door
05 Old-Fangled Thing
06 If I Were You
07 Pictures Of You
08 I'm Sayin' Nothin'
09 Lazy Sod
10 Now You're Talkin'
11 No Money To Burn
12 I'll Catch You
13 Bleeding Obvious

The new album will also be released in multiple unique versions,  from a standard CD jewelcase, to double disc CD - DVD with a documentary "Access All Areas" (unknown if it's the one from 2008 with reused footage or a new one with the band's modern line up), LP, and Boxset with exclusive material.

 =1 lands in July 14 2024 and the "=1 More Time" tour kicks off in the Madrid, Spain on 13 June 2024.

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